Automatic Test Equipment Review

When it comes to selecting a manufacturer for your semiconductor testing equipment we have provided a review based on the equipment that we use in our testing labs.

Keithley Instrument

We like to use the Keithly 2540 Source Meter. The transitions between these screens is very smooth and easy to navigate. While making use of the graph function on both your home screen and through the graph menu, I pointed out that an element of the plotted graph had not been displayed correctly close to the edges if the main graph was off screen after having zoomed in to the graph. It was corrected when zooming from the graph and it is only apparent when zoomed in and will not affect the raw data at all.

I came across all of the different screens to be well laid out and no problem finding and navigate through except for the row of additional functions over the default screen, such as for example script selection as I often needed to press those a few times to achieve access.

Electron Test Equipment

We heavily rely on Electron Test Equipment’s laser diode (ATE-Laser-256) and photodiode (ATE-Photodiode-128) automatic test equipment system for burn-in and reliability testing.  Their ATE systems are modular and provide precision test & measurements. We run a number a test such as LIV testing, burn-in test, and reliability tests. When we have a different package to test, they will build the test board for us and reconfigure the test software to meet our test requirements. The various tests abilities are Light Intensity, Forward Voltage, Bias Current, Dark Current, V-max, I-max, I-min, FIT & MTTF.

We are able to provide reliable services to our laser diode manufacturers and ensure product reliability. We receive really great support from them and they provide remote connection into our systems to help with the configuration.

KeySite Technologies

Another device we use is the Keysite B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer. This system is a total solution for characterization of varied products that we test. It supports different dimension abilities for IV, CV, pulsed IV and fast IV measurement and allows a variety of electrical characterizations and evaluations. What is great is that its modular design allows us to configure and upgrade the system to whatever testing requirement we need.