Solar-CommercialCommercial Solar Projects

Star 8 offers small to large size commercial solar power solutions tailored to your needs. This is a unique opportunity to capitalize on your non-revenue generating real estate, such as a large rooftop, open land area or parking facilities with a commercial solar energy system. The solar system will help you to seriously reduce your electricity costs. With several financing options available for installing the solar system, a tailored solution can ensure that you will not be paying more than your existing electricity bill.


The financial attractiveness of these projects speak for themselves. Generous government incentives are currently available of up to 50%. Take advantage of these grants before they run out. Our commercial solar power systems have a track record of outperforming production benchmarks and we always provide on-time delivery and high quality installation services.




Star 8 can prepare a complimentary Preliminary site assessment upon request. Star 8 manages the complete Government submission process for you from start to finish.


These incentives make your investment a true long term asset that increases the real estate value of your property.

As a commercial solar power customer, you reap several benefits, such as


  • Reduce Carbon Prints
  • Immediate energy and Cost savings.
  • Increased freedom from volatile fuel and utility rates.
  • Maximized use of solar investment grants, credits and other solar incentives.
  • Going “Green” for a better Tomorrow.


We are a patent holding company in Melbourne offering high quality and innovative commercial solar products to suit all your power requirements.


Contact Us today to get your free site assessment in Melbourne and across the nation, and to check which Government grants you are entitled to.